Variants is one of the new fearmongering words spread since mid march. It is used to make people afraid of new SARS-CoV-2 mutations despite that word means nothing in microbiology. If those mutations exist or can affect virus infectivity they can’t be detected by any of the tests. A new mutation can be detected only by whole genome sequence not only according to me but CDC.

This is another proof that nobody tests for variants.

I already wrote a detailed post on it. Read it again:

Here I will focus on something else: variants (mutations) and vaccines. I hear every day that COVID-19 vaccines create new variants. It is mostly from videos by famous doctors or scientists who are supposed to be on the good side. What I never found is evidence about these claims, because there is none. COVID-19 vaccines have plenty of issues, but creating new variants or mutations isn’t one of them. In fact spreading such videos distracts from the real issues with vaccines.

Maybe some of you would ask: Why COVID-19 vaccines can’t create new mutants?

To induce a change in the viral genome you need a virus. COVID-19 vaccines have none. They are based on the initial SARS-CoV-2 sequence and make the human organism produce spike protein. Even if the mRNA or adenovirus mutate they can’t create a virus. The increase of positive tests which is wrongly called case or infection is just an increase of positive tests. There is no evidence that causes illness because of any mutation or makes the virus more infectious. Keep in mind that there is also no evidence that the sequence on which the tests are based causes disease. It is explained in my previous article. Vaccinated who get sick simply suffer from respiratory diseases since their immune system is compromised. They don’t get COVID-19. Most positive tests come from vaccinated. If there was a virus it is long gone.


If you read or hear again that vaccines cause variants please refer to my article or me. There are very serious issues with the COVID-19 vaccines which need a spotlight. I have a review on it which I update often. The biggest one is that they are simply unethical and nobody knows long term consequences.

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Updated on August 6, 2021.