When I heard for a first the word variants regarding some changes in SARS-CoV-2, I was sure that is another fearmongering propaganda lie. It is because in virology, which is part of microbiology such a term doesn’t exist. Viruses mutate (change) all the time. If the change is stable and can be replicated then this is called new strain. It is part of their nature, which I investigated deeply as a young researcher. RNA viruses as coronaviruses as SARS-CoV-2 even more since the molecule on which is written their genetic code is less stable. It was never a news which everybody talks about, since it isn’t. If you look at the SARS-CoV-2 phylogenetic tree you will notice lots of mutations since the beginning and nobody noticed it.


Where did it the variants nonsense come from? I guess came from the people who are behind it. If masses are so dumb to follow meaningless rules:

> as social distancing,

> staying 6 feet away,

> thinking that are sick when healthy,

> okay to be abused by tests and putting muzzles which can protect from flies but not from nm sized particles

Why not accepting another lie?!

It is obvious the common sense and basic critical thinking aren’t common at all. So again I have the difficult task to defeat another propaganda motto based on the best brainwashing techniques. I can at least try.

I am going to start with the galaxy faraway called “Biology of 10th grade”.

> What is a mutation? – A change in the organism genes which is stable and can be transferred to its lineages.

> How do we know if a mutation has occurred? – It can be done by sequencing the whole genome of the organism and comparing it with the other organisms.

> What is sequencing? – It is a technique which shows us the alphabet of life. By it we can find the exact order of the life building blocs (letters) called nucleotides. While the technique is not new it is expensive and quite complicated. Reading the genomes of organisms like SARS-CoV-2 which are made of RNA require another step which converts RNA to DNA since we can’t sequence RNA directly.

To sum it up: Authorities constantly warn that some new strain (variant) is going to kill us all, escape immunity and other nonsense.

Why it’s a nonsense?

> First authorities actually don’t have an evidence about it. To make sure that there is another strain (wrongly called variant) that is of any danger they must sequence the whole genome of the sample from a person who has developed the disease called COVID-19 (name is used as the virus now). I used in the title to bring attention, but disease can’t mutate. Again they can’t do it at mass scale since it’s expensive. Also RNA sequencing due to the extra steps can easily make wrong read and show a change where isn’t. It means that some of the mutations aren’t real, but just a mistake during the sequencing. It is a long multiple step process.

> After sequencing of the sample they should indeed show that those kind of samples with that change (mutation) are more dangerous than the rest. That is practically impossible to proof.

> Of course nobody mentions the innate immunity and cross-immunity which take care of the mutations. You already know my article on cross-immunity. Here is an excellent easy to understand article on what is innate immunity https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK26846/

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