Boycott LinkedIn Because is Anti-Science

LinkedIn did it again. Only a several days after I opened new LinkedIn account I couldn’t enter into it got the same message.

Yes, LinkedIn didn’t notify me and want my ID which is against EU law GDPR. Same as the first time (read my story here in case you haven’t). Of course, I am not going to try to make another LinkedIn account, but I will make LinkedIn famous for wrong reasons. LinkedIn and World Health Organization did something good – made me a social media influencer. Now I have the power of followers who can spread the word. I have this well-read blog, and also Substack, and BuyMeACoffee. I am creating more content than ever and while not so much I am earning something from my knowledge. I will not surrender to the tech-drug tyranny enablers like LinkedIn. No way! I am connected with people from all over the world and know something this will end badly for them!

If you want to help me to do more. Make a donation via my blog or subscribe for Substack or just read and share my blog. It is a collection of what you need to know about the COVID-19 – unbiased, scientific and heavily censored. Sometimes, I write about different things, because I and you need it. Try my secret (not anymore) Muffins of Love recipe and you will love me and life much more πŸ™‚ .

Also boycott LinkedIn. They aren’t there to help professionals to connect but to sell your data and help install tech tyranny.

3 thoughts on “Boycott LinkedIn Because is Anti-Science

  1. [Quote] β€œ We’re living in a world where those in power consider people like myself (who work to empower humanity) a threat and danger to the community! Am I a threat to the community or a threat to those who control the community? In this video, I show you just how deep the c3ns0rsh!p really goes!

    You can access all of my deleted content c3ns0rsh!p-free at:

    With Infinite Love,
    Jason Shurka πŸ™πŸ½πŸŒŽπŸ’œβ€


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