Clinical research is a way to check if a new medical treatment is safe and efficient for humans. Clinical research takes many years and have many stages. During each step companies have to show evidence that their product is working and safe when applied on humans. They present their evidence to independent commissions, which decide if the evidence is enough. Normally there is no parallel research which would check if the companies are honest and the results aren’t falsified. It of course can lead to disastrous outcomes as we already see with the most promoted experimental medical product of 2021. That isn’t the only issue. Often the people who are responsible for the assessments of the new medical products are connected to the companies who are making these products. That is well known but seems accepted as normal. It is illogical because the people who do this assessment often vote in favor of products that could be not only inefficient but deadly. Public seems unaware and blindly trusts governments and other organizations who frequently openly abuse their power and let dangerous medical products on the market even for use on kids and pregnant women.

Below are several examples of corporations connected medical products approval decision makers.

Starting with the most influential World Health Organization which is owned by Bill Gates actually. “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest non-state funder of the WHO, having donated more than $2B in earmarked grants to the international health agency since 1998, and is the second largest WHO funder overall (after the U.S. government). Because Gates Foundation grant money is earmarked for specific programs, such as vaccine purchase, delivery and promotion, the Gates Foundation significantly influences the setting of WHO’s program priorities.”

FDA is paid by the industry too.

“Starting in 1992, unfortunately, a law was passed that said for a large proportion of the work done by the FDA on new drug applications, the money’s going to come directly, quid pro quo, from the industry. If they want a drug reviewed, they pay directly to the FDA to have the drug reviewed.”

“This evidence indicates why we can no longer trust the FDA to carry out its historic mission to protect the public from harmful and ineffective drugs. Strong public demand that government “do something” about periodic drug disasters has played a central role in developing the FDA.2 Yet close, constant contact by companies with FDA staff and officials has contributed to vague, minimal criteria of what “safe” and “effective” mean.”

Notice that the former US Food and Drug Administration commissioner Scott Gottlieb moved to Pfizer board in June 2019. Pfizer is the company that created a new medical product for days and got approval to test in on kids for less than a year. Pfizer CEO is all over the media telling us when and how the things will return to normal. It always included more injections with his product. There are way too many coincidences.

Europe isn’t much different!

-> Stella Kyriakides who signed the Moderna vaccine deal with EU which is quite advantageous for the company (does not have to guarantee any binding effectiveness of its “vaccines” and does not have to prove its safety itself) is the same who got some pharma millions. She has been involved in corruption scandal regarding cancer treatment in her home country Cyprus.
*My question is why such a person could hold any government position yet she has the influential EU Health Commissioner one?!!! 

-> Harald Enzman –  the Chair of Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) at European Medicine Agency was a Division Head in  Bayer HealthCare which manufactures CureVac mRNA vaccines in Germany.

-> Emer Cooke – Executive Director of European Medicine Agency is former Manager of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs  for the European Federation of Pharmaceutical industries and Associations or shortly long-time pharmaceutical lobbyist.  

-> The husband of EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Heiko von der Leyen, is the medical director of a new BioTech company Orgenesis. The company just announced a cell-based vaccine platform targeting COVID-19 and other existing and emerging viral diseases.

-> Conflict of interest row as it emerges Chief Scientific Officer Sir Patrick Vallance has £600,000 of shares in vaccine maker contracted to make UK’s coronavirus jabs.

The list is longer but my post isn’t about naming people. Most hide their corporate connections quite well and we may not even find out who exactly gets money from these companies. My point is to raise awareness that your health is in hands of people who don’t care about your health. You should hold them accountable and understand that their decisions are illegitimate.

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