It started with a letter that reached me as… actually, it doesn’t matter how it reached me. It’s nothing secret, at least 20 thousand other Bulgarian doctors have received it.
It’s titled “Information from WHO regarding the rules for coding deaths by cause and its implications in statistical practice”.
Interesting topic, don’t you think?
I read the attached file which guides the reader through the ICD (International Classification of Diseases). And, you know, being curious, I read every letter. Thanks to which I arrive at the information that “In connection with the spread of COVID-19, new codes are being introduced as follows…”. (Let me clarify that the introduction of new codes is done by WHO.)
I come to a text, upon reading which my pupils double in their size, my pulse rises 20-30%… my adrenal glands turn on adrenaline production.
The text is seemingly simple, but I’m cursing myself:
U 12.9 – Adverse reactions to therapeutic administration of COVID-19 vaccine, unspecified.”
Adverse reactions to vaccine administration are nothing new to me. Sooner or later they have to get into the ICD and apparently it’s overdue enough that the WHO have decided there’s nowhere to go.
What gets my adrenaline pumping is the phrase “therapeutic vaccine administration“.
Throughout the long period that vaccines have ‘saved billions of people’, they have always been promoted as a means of preventing infectious diseases. PREVENTION. Prevention means the prevention of a disease, i.e., the preventive is administered BEFORE that disease has developed.
Therapeutic administration” means to administer the agent AFTER the disease has already developed. Meaning that it is already too late for prevention. Which in turn means that the term “vaccine” should not be used.
But one would think there is no problem. A hundred have read it, ten have understood it, one has acted on it, zero have listened to it.
Driven by my wickedness (before the COVID-campaign, this was called “scientific curiosity”), I get on my surfboard and go surfing through virtual space.
And I find… what I expect to find.
Note that my comment is on only the second interesting material I’ve come across. There must be thousands more like it.
I find this material not anywhere, but on the official site of the authoritative Nature. (As a passing reminder – I “start” from an official letter of the Ministry of Health, sent to all doctors in Bulgaria; “go through” the official WHO ICD; and reach an official authoritative source. I.e. by now the element of conspiracy should tend to absolute zero.)
So, on the Nature website, I come across an article by a couple of Japanese guys (I assume there may be some maidens too – they all have Japanese names) under the headline:
Therapeutic vaccine for chronic diseases after the COVID-19 Era“.
And that’s where “the dog appears to be buried”.
Not that I didn’t suspect it some time ago. And not that I’m finding it now. This trend has been clear to me from a long time. And I am an absolutely mediocre, moderately intelligent Bulgarian doctor. Which means that our eminent doctors, holly men, experts… know what I know, much longer. (But they don’t say.)
The world scientific community has been working on vaccines from such a long time not for prevention of infectious diseases (which vaccines were until yesterday) but for THERAPY OF CHRONIC DISEASES.
Why would they want to do that?
The main reasons that come to my mind now are two:

  1. Infectious diseases are limited in number, and most of them are kept away from modern man by the ordinary washing of hands and teeth, by regular showering, and by the central water supply.
    The chronic ones, however, are countless. And they will increase.
    What would you bet on if you were producing medicines?
  2. Infectious diseases come and go, in waves.
    The chronic ones are here all the time.
    Which would you bet on if you wanted to sell more medications?
    The Japanese team in question is thrilled at the prospect of “tomorrow” starting to vaccinate people with hypertension, dyslipidemia, Alzheimer, cancer, chronic inflammatory diseases. And they’re not afraid to talk about DNA vaccines at all.
    By these things, absolutely misleadingly called “vaccines”, antibody production against normal human enzymes will be provoked i.e. after we shaken up the immune systems of billions of people to the point where the immune system cannot recognize itself, next will be the endocrine system and the delicate biochemistry of humans.
    The idea, obviously, is to work in absolutely all directions.
    It won’t be 2-3 years and we will be “graced” with “vaccines” against headaches, painful menstruation, bloating,  bone spurs, hemorrhoids and whatever else comes to mind. (These clever people had it in mind long before you did)
    And it won’t be a year after the introduction of these “vaccines” that the powerful voices of scientists and experts will rise to make “vaccination” with these “vaccines” mandatory. Otherwise no walk in nature, no restaurant, no job, no water, no air.

And such arrogant and insane interference in the workings of the human organism will undoubtedly lead to the emergence of disease conditions that we cannot even imagine today.
The earth will simply be populated with Frankensteins. Procreating Frankensteins. “Treated” by Frankensteins.
We’ve let the kid play with the gun too long. It”s been pointing it at us for a long time.
And he’s already discovered where the trigger is.
Now he can’t wait to see what happens when he pulls it.
COVID is going to become uninteresting to them very soon. Because it’s only a rehearsal, and they’re anxious for the real show to begin.
The brutal godless and inhumane press to vaccinate “against” the COVID is just the preparatory period during which they have to break our backs.
So that they don’t have the problems of mass administration of their beloved creation that we have yet to learn about.
“Vaccines” for everything. “Vaccines” for everyone. Mandatory.
Dr. Rumen Stoychev

Translated from Bulgarian by Lidiya Angelova

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