by @BenSeventy7

Covid started in China,
People dropping like flies in the street,
SARS-CoV-2 was blamed for infections,
From all the Bats that Chinese eat,

Prof. Drosten came to the rescue,
He developed a test with such speed,
Peer reviewed in 24 hours,
Trusting ‘Science’ and a mask’s what we need.

Big Pharma rose to the challenge,
AZ, Pfizer – the Moderna crew,
They made their vaccines in days,
And buried some dead ferrets too.

Gates & Fauci said take the injection,
It’s so safe the FDA say,
Then sports-people got myocarditis,
You mustn’t blame the mRNA!

Depopulation is their agenda,
The WHO are key to the plan,
A group of criminal Doctors,
And the WEF and that Schwaby man.

They’ve taken over your Governments,
The media, your health, and the news,
They want to inject you with poison,
Their nasty gene-therapy ooze.

They plan on saving the planet,
They want to reduce CO2,
Greta says, “We omit too much carbon”,
They’re planning on re-juicing you!

So stay away from the jabs,
The clot-shots, the boosters, and all,
Protect your children and loved ones,
From their Satanic, Paedo-Nazi cabal!!

*Many thanks to Ben for creating this poem and giving permission to publish it. It summarizes everything I wrote on the blog. Please accept my apologies for reading it.



AZ AstraZeneca

WHO World Health Organization

WEF World Economic Forum