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Hello, your haircut is great!

  • Hi, thanks

How do you feel about the building of the new slaughterhouse?

  • I’m pleased. Now our farm will work according to European standards.

Did you hear that they are planning mutton production?

  • That’s nonsense. They will produce chicken.

Then why isn’t it called a poultry farm?

  • Because poultry is meat.

Have you seen their new logo?

  • Yes, it’s very beautiful.

They say it’s a stylized sheep.

  • Yeah, it looks a lot like one.

They also say it represents a slaughtered sheep.

  • Nonsense, it’s just a very short sheared sheep.

And did you hear about the bloodstained sheep transport truck case?

  • Yes, I even saw pictures.

What do you think about that?

  • They said that a can of tomato juice probably bursted or is spilled red paint.

So you don’t think it’s blood?

  • It’s very light, blood has a darker color.

But forensics proved it was blood.

  • So it was an accident.

And what do you think of the change of managers of your farm – you’re now run by wolves?

  • I’m very happy, there will be order and cleanliness.

Aren’t you afraid?

  • No, there are only seven wolves in the board, if anything happens – we will kick them out, as happened with the pigs.

Is it better now that you have replaced the pigs with wolves?

  • Absolutely! With the pigs it was filth and disorder.

Did you hear that five wolves from other regions have been assigned to you for psychodrama and personal growth training?

  • Yeah, that’s good – they’ll share their experiences, improve their leadership skills.

What do you think is most important for your farm now?

  • Safety. The most important thing is to ensure safety so that the sheep can live and develop freely.

Protection from whom?

  • From bears, of course – there are many bears in the surrounding forests.

You think bears are dangerous to you?!

  • Absolutely! They are the biggest danger to our farm.

But they eat raspberries, honey, fish…

  • They also eat lamb!

Why do you think so?

  • They showed pictures of lambs being torn apart on TV.

Why do you think bears did that?

  • Well, it couldn’t be anyone else.

Is it possible that was done by the wolves?

  • It’s out of the question! The wolves are here to ensure order and peace!

*Author unknown.