We all know the history of COVID-19 and how the World Health Organization acted in the beginning. A virus made people in China sick. The World Health Organization announced a pandemic. No longer after it almost all countries in the world were locked. We expected many to die from the new disease. The World Health Organization didn’t give any details about why we are in a pandemic and why we needed to be locked. China did it so that was all the evidence.

People were tested by a test which was made from a sequence made in China. The test shows parts of the viral RNA but can’t tell if there is an infectious virus. The same test was the one and only factor driving World Health Organization future decisions. Most government health care authorities accepted the new recommendations without questioning. 

Scientists from all over the world tried to help and used all available resources to push research on COVID-19 and the virus which causes it – SARS-CoV-2. All other problems were left aside. The world became COVID-19. Their efforts paid off. The initial math model based on the incomplete data from China was wrong and the virus was unlikely to kill as many people as expected. Kids also rarely develop COVID-19 and don’t spread it. Young and healthy people also. 

Yet despite that the World Health Organization is supposed to give health care advice based on the recent scientific research their recommendation about COVID-19 didn’t change. In fact they recommended even more restrictions: 14 days quarantine even after negative tests, separating families if one test positive with the test showing only parts of the viral genome, masks are needed everywhere despite  can’t stop the spread of the virus, parents and relatives couldn’t be with severely sick patients, women giving birth need to be with masks which puts their and their babies health at rick, kids needed to wear masks at schools which already led to deaths, parents die alone in care homes, families are separated, small businesses grown for years are destroyed forever, cancer patients don’t receive care.

None of the above was and is needed if following science but the World Health Organisation said so and governments implement. 

When people like me ask questions there are no answers. We needed to obey and that’s it. 

But should we? We are the World Health Organization employers. We fund the organisation together with private donors. If they don’t want to work for us should we pay them? Who gave them permission to control our lives or now to destroy our lives? Instead following science World Health Organization hired PR company to improve their credibility. This is not ordinary PR company. Hill+Knowlton Strategies is involved in wars, human rights violations, poisoning people.

World Health Organization’s representatives should be sued in a global trial. Every citizen of the world should be able to ask them questions and receive a proper answer. It is what needs to be done!

And if you still don’t believe me. Read the next two articles which are COVID-19 solutions rejected by the World Health Organisation.

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