The End of Bodily Autonomy

The European Court of Human Rights put another brick in the wall of making us test objects of the pharma industry. According to them forced vaccination is not against the principles of democracy. I know as you read it you want to scream “I am sorry what?! This is the opposite!!!

If you read carefully they use the World Health Oranization anti-science propaganda that herd immunity is possible only by vaccines. It is opening the door for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination and vaccine passports. Let’s not forget that all COVID-19 vaccines are promoted as safe and efficient while there is no evidence about it. I discussed in my previous articles. 

It is time to end meaningless organizations such as European Court of Human Rights which works against human rights – where are human rights in forcing people to inject themselves with experimental treatment they don’t even need?! We also need to stop paying the World Health Organization which works for the pharma industry and World Economic Forum new world order. What about countless bureaucratic institutions which work against our interests?! 

Mandatory vaccines are like mandatory taxes. Why does someone else have to tell us what to do with our own body and money?! It is deeply wrong! Don’t you think?! Time to change this world. I am sick of it. Poor pay the rich so they can be richer and use the poor more! It must end!

Share. Speak about it. We should not be enslaved, but time is up! Tomorrow will be late!

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