While earning money is the only reason to push untested and even dangerous vaccines there are plenty of cheap treatments which could help you when you have the 5th corona common cold or better known as COVID-19. 

1.Your own immunity

While often underestimated and recently practically deleted by the World Health Organization your own natural immunity works pretty well against COVID-19. It’s even better because it remembers how to defeat similar viruses and use the knowledge to protect you from COVID-19. It is called cross-immunity and I have an earlier article explaining it and providing proof that indeed such exists against COVID-19. Click here to read it.

2. Analgin-quinine

It is a combination of metamizole sodium and quinine. Metamizole sodium blocks prostaglandin synthesis due to inhibition of cyclooxygenase (COX) isoenzymes.  Quinine is known for its antimalarial effect and is already included in clinical tests for COVID-19. As we know sometimes a combination of suitable substances could work better since it can be used in lower concentrations and avoid adverse effects.  The drug is cheap and popular in my home country – Bulgaria. It was our staple drug for the common cold. Unfortunately it isn’t available in many other places.

3. Antimalarial drug artemisinin

African countries have remarkably low COVID-19 death rate which could be explained with the mass use of antimalarial drugs like artemisinin. The effect on COVID-19 is likely due to the anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating effect. There are studies showing that indeed it is a promising treatment and since it has already been tested there is no reason not to be used. Remember all COVID-19 vaccines are neither proven to be efficient or safe.

4. Protease inhibitors.

One of the ways to prevent developing  COVID-19 is to block the virus entry in the cells by inhibiting the proteases which are essential for it. There are already approved protease inhibitors as drugs which could be used for treatment of COVID-19.

5. Eucalyptus

The native to Australia plant kills cough from common cols. The best way is to be taken as a strong tea but lozenges work too. I personally tested it. Since I almost died from a common cold turned to a bad double pneumonia as a baby (now would be called COVID-19), every spring I would have a terrible cough which wouldn’t go for weeks and wouldn’t let me function (now called long COVID-19). After I found eucalyptus the struggle ended. Only a cup of strong tea and the big knot in my chest would disappear. I would be fine after a day or two. I always have tea or lozenges in my medicine cabinet. 13 years later no cough. Only a person who suffered from it knows what a relieve is when it is gone. I know this is no evidence that works but hey you are promoted vaccines for which there isn’t one either.

I am not going to discuss ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Zink ,and vitamin D and C since there is plenty of information about their efficiency against COVID. Why not mass used – because as I explained above are cheap and there wouldn’t be a need of vaccines.

Of course getting any cold or almost any disease can be prevented by the most simple thing – having a healthy lifestyle. Just exercise, eat fresh local foods, meet friends and family, improve cross-immunity by spending more time out in the crowd. I know it is the opposite of what you hear every day, but read my all blog articles and will find out why I am right.

Happy soul means happy body. No need of a peer reviewed study about it!

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