The new blockbuster ” #ThirdWave (not natural) actually.”
Presented by mass media and other pharma government WHO propaganda!!!
It is a money making story about #vaccines which infect instead protect and tests which detect nobody knows what yet!

— Dr Lidiya Angelova (@angelovalidiya) April 19, 2021

Updated on October 4, 2021.

Do you know you are in the third wave? NO?! What planet are you living on? Oh. You don’t watch TV and avoid mass media….. You are safe then. No need to read. Go out, meet with friends, make a party and hug more humans for cross-immunity.

Next is about the people who believe in the Third Wave. So sorry no sorry but there isn’t one actually. Here is why.

Since we don’t even mention that it is about the one and only virus on earth – the novel coronavirus better known as COVID-19 is good to remind that this virus is just the 5th common cold corona. It isn’t any different than the other 4 common cold coronas or any other respiratory viruses. That’s why you are protected by cross-immunity. It is more common in the winter and less common when weather gets warmer but apparently this year the virus (according propaganda) decided to act strangely. It attacks people in bars and the ones who go out after 9 but never people in supermarkets, so who knows maybe it is a strange virus who decided to have more fun in the spring….

Well the reason is much more scientific. There are many reports that after the start of mass vaccination everywhere cases (which are wrongly called positive tests) have increased. In countries such as the UK and Germany where coincidentally the third wave is a very popular topic of the government and media, children are mass tested too. 

Do you get it now?!

If not, I will try again. Vaccines make people test positive. More testing means more positive. Since positive tests are called cases here we go to the third wave, which isn’t because of the virus. What is notable also and shows that Third Wave if exist doesn’t increase mortality. People who die are mostly vaccinated.

Keep in mind that tests are unreliable. I explain why here – click.

So what should you do with this information?

Call out the lies. This is leading to mass destruction. People die from lack of care, alone, kids die alone, kids commit suicide, small business owners too.

Pandemic has ended. No need for a test to prove that you are healthy. 

Vaccines are experimental. No benefit except making some billions of cash. 

You aren’t plague spreading vermin. You aren’t lab rats!

There is no difference between COVID-19 symptomatic and lung damages, and other similar diseases.

Useful info.

A new research shows evidence about what I explained above

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**Headline photo credit Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash