World where small local businesses which are the soul of the community are replaced by test centers is a mad world!

When riding on a bus between several little towns I noticed something which realized that I’ve seen elsewhere – almost every place which used to be a small business is a COVID-19 test centre. It shows how bad really is the way our world is going to – society based on government surveillance where everyone is a potential criminal because may have a virus.
Small businesses just surrender. There is no fight for the thing in which owners put their savings and soul. They act like a cattle, despite that cattle if together can kill the farmer and be free. Think of a herd. Imagine thousands of herds. Nothing can stop them. So why, why dear small business owners, why are you doing it? Your café or repair shop or copy centre is what makes people see each other and have a chat. Why instead opposing and finding like minded you just gave up? You help the new tyranny. It is true since not doing anything is as bad. They will come to your house and take everything from you including your children one day. And this day is coming soon. You still have a chance to stop it. You have the power. If you aren’t closed yet don’t put any masks, tests or COVID-19 vaccine nonsense as requirement to be visited. Tell the people that you do not support the new system of dehumanization. Your clients will support you. They need you. Connect with other business owners and sue the government despite that juridical system is corrupted. Making noise and disobedience is what the new world order supporters are is afraid of. And last which is for everyone – DON’T GIVE UP! FIGHT!



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