If you follow my blog you already know that I warned you more than once that COVID-19 pandemic is made to delete humanity. I guess some of you still think that isn’t true despite the evidence. Yesterday I saw a video from Australia which maybe will be finally the evidence some need to understand how bad is the situation. Watch it below!

Note that she said ‘talking’, but of course the idea is to ban any form of communication. To not be able to hear another point of view and god forbid to think. It’s forbidden nowadays as being a human. Celebrating and having fun are unacceptable. We are pushed act like robots. There are fact checkers to tell you what is true.

When the information isn’t coming from government source that is considered as untrue.

You need to be afraid and stay in your prison because this is the best way to control you. It isn’t a new tool of the tyrannical systems. If you read my book you will find out that happened in the near past just the enemy from which we must be protected now is a virus. There is no evidence that the virus does anything to anyone. People who test positive with the unreliable tests are considered sick and infectious even when healthy and harmless. COVID-19 symptoms are the same as the symptoms of many other diseases. The enemy is fake. It is made to remove all basic human rights and make everyone depended on drugs. A new study showed something which was already suspected: COVID-19 vaccines remove the natural defense of cross-immunity. It means that everyone who is vaccinated will get killed or severely sick by almost any cold virus. He or she will be treated as having COVID-19 which would mean no antibiotics for the natural bacterial infection after it. Remember that vaccinated for COVID-19 cannot donate convalescent plasma because wipe out COVID-19 antibodies?! Yet, they can donate blood. Of course since the vaccines make people testing positive they will be counted as COVID-19 cases and this will be used to install even more fear until we all become drug-dependent puppets working to get the drugs keeping us alive.

We need to unite and get rid of the politicians and their masters today. Tomorrow will be way too late! Inform everyone and especially the people who don’t use social media. Don’t go to the violence path. It is what they want.

Peaceful disobedience and enlightening more people is the only way to stop it!

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