Today I have an anniversary of being canceled. Just like that all my intellectual property and work connections were deleted by LinkedIn, because World Health Organization ordered to. I didn’t receive an email or a warning. I just couldn’t enter in my account. LinkedIn asked for ID to even ask why. When eventually I found a way to contact LinkedIn I was told that was reported for comments on the World Health Organization posts. My “offensive” comments were quotes from BBC, an University page and science articles.

Coincidently Mike Ryan and other people from the World Health Organization checked my account just before it.

Coincidently I wrote a viral blog on LinkedIn about holding World Health Organization accountable for not following science.

Coincidently my two solutions regarding COVID-19 pandemic sent to World Health Organization were rejected.

Why I was targeted by the World Health Organization? What did I do to pay attention to me? I am nobody. There are plenty of people who do the same. Why me? Why Mike Ryan will personally check who I am?

There is only one answer! I am right. They won’t waste time with a conspiracy theorist. If I need to testify in the court my opinion will be of an expert since, I worked with similar viruses, worked in sequencing laboratory and even have certificate in Ethical and Regulatory aspects of Clinical research.

World Health Organization canceled science and reason but it helped me create the new weapon against them Genuine Science Journal! Read my blog to find out more!