Most of the people had no idea where is Bulgaria until recently. It changed since we, the Bulgarians aren’t accepting the New World Order. Many people are considering moving to Bulgaria and asking what’s the secret.

I spent the first lockdown in Bulgaria and can assure you that except the closed schools, malls and stores life was normal. People still were people and connected with each other. They would stay outside the communist condos, have a drink and a chat. Sometimes you would hear “Police are coming!” If the police comes they would join. They know that have no power over citizens. There were also no dead bodies on the streets despite that it was supposed to be the plague of our times. It is strange because Bulgaria has aging population and if was that we would see it. My own mother is in the vulnerable age but never stopped doing what she does – having the time of her life with her friends.

The lack of any evidence of course isn’t stopping the atrocious creatures behind the New World Order. Caging people wasn’t enough, we need to be experimental animals and all must be injected with experimental medical treatments. Yet, that isn’t working in Bulgaria as well. Experimental medical treatment isn’t accepted well and only 15 % of the people had a dose. European Union is pushing hard. This isn’t surprising since the husband of EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Heiko von der Leyen, is the medical director of a new BioTech company Orgenesis. The company just announced a cell-based vaccine platform targeting COVID-19 & other existing and emerging viral diseases.

Yes, everything is about money and control. It happened in the past and we, the Bulgarians resisted.

When the Nazis ordered to Bulgaria to send Bulgarian Jews to the death camps Bulgarians just said that isn’t happening. They didn’t let the train with Jews to leave by simply lying at the front of it. Armed SS officers surrounded them. Miraculously, the guards did not shoot. Jews were let to go home. No trains like it ever left Bulgaria.

Jacky Comforty directed the 2001 documentary “The Optimists,” about how Bulgaria foiled Hitler’s extermination plans. “We have an example of the power of the common man to stop genocide,” Comforty told The Washington Post in 2013, on the 70th anniversary of Bulgarians’ mass protests.,101679

So this is how we are doing it today: we resist, we disobey, we aren’t afraid, we ask questions. Several active members of the resistance create local committees. They send letters to authorities, filling lawsuits against the measures, spread information, organize protests, visit the experimental medical treatment spots, and ask for documents. Recently it was even in the news that they attacked such place. Truth was they asked for approval to do such a job and proof that the experimental medical treatment is legal in Bulgaria. The people didn’t have any of it. Police came and the experimental medical treatment inoculation spot was closed. Media and health ministry tried to twist it but there are videos which show that the resistance members just politely ask for information. The inoculation spot was closed because didn’t have documents to work.

While in many countries people cannot participate in the everyday activities without a test or proof of inoculation with the experimental medical treatment, life in Bulgaria is normal. Parents aren’t letting testing and masking of kids at school. There was never ban to visit relatives, because family matters in Bulgaria. Family is such a strong unit that despite being pushed by EU and WEF the Bulgarian government never implemented measures which are against the family traditions. Part of the New World Order is to dehumanize and remove family connections. This again isn’t happening in Bulgaria.

I am asked every day how one can move to Bulgaria. Well, this isn’t that difficult, there is always space for decent people, but what about saving your own country? I told you how above, so again: resist, find like minded, organize, find more like minded, go and get your freedom back. The weapons used against you are yours because you pay the police and the army. Governments is you! Nobody has right to tell you how to live your life and what to do with your own body!

And if you want to visit Bulgaria or even stay – you are welcome. There are lots of people like you. We speak English as well and you will learn Bulgarian because you will want it.

Our motto is United we stay strong! It is not a national battle. It is the battle for humanity.

Support the work of a Bulgarian who is trying with knowledge and spirit to help you get your life back – me Lidiya Angelova Лидия Ангелова.