Bulgaria is becoming more and more attractive for the people who want to escape the corporate tyranny taking over the world. Despite the unfortunate new government and EU-WEF-WHO cartel push we, the Bulgarians aren’t buying it and it is making us more and more resistant to be lab rats and accept the NWO.

Many people ask me how to immigrate to Bulgaria. The thing it depends on many factors which they have to check by themselves. Like it or not there are differences depending on where the person is from. I am not an expert in this. They also ask how to find an English-speaking doctor or a notary or other service in Bulgaria. Well, while a small country Bulgaria isn’t one city. How I am supposed to know it? I don’t live there and I don’t need English to communicate nor know any English-speaking people. When I left there was only one way East-West. Who knew that one day will be the other way around. I live abroad from a long time and the answers of my questions about these things normally come from other immigrants (I check Facebook groups like this one which I found recently https://www.facebook.com/groups/1323368301108637/ and/or forums) or from the embassies of anglophone countries in case I am in non-anglophone country (normally there is a list with English speaking services).

What I can definitely say that you will like it there but don’t expect the fake niceness from the west. We are frank people. If we like someone will let that person know if we don’t well – bad luck but nothing to do with you. We like foreigners, so it is unlikely to happen.

Fun fact: don’t look at our gestures when the answer could be yes or no, since may get you into a wrong direction or get a wrong impression. It is because nodding is NO, moving head side to side is Yes, and shaking the head – Maybe. So, just ask for the word Da or Ne (Yes or No). Most of the people below 50 years old know English but even if they didn’t, will try to help in case you need something or will find someone who speaks English.

We understand that not everything is translated or written on the Roman alphabet and really sorry that we have the Cyrillic alphabet, which is confusing to you. It saved our nation (which you now want to know) during the 500 years of Ottoman Slavery so you will forgive us for it.

If you want to plunge into the local culture get ready for party. In Bulgaria almost every day is some kind of holiday which means we party, because we like to eat and drink with friends. We have names days which are connected to Saints with similar names or sometimes not. For example March 1st is the name day of Martin and Marta (big celebration of Baba Marta – get ready to be covered with martenitsy for no time). We like to celebrate also foreign holidays so St Valentine which is on the same day like the Bulgarian Wine makers day, is the name day of Valentin and Valentina (quite common names) but Trifon too (St Trifon is the saint of Winemakers and people who like wine which means everyone). You will drink wine and be happy. Win-win! Definitely try the red wine from the town of Melnik and Mavrud which is from the Thrace valley. Best meze with the wine (hors d’oeuvre or appetizer since we drink and eat) is feta cheese with sunflower oil and paprika or lukanka.

Food is excellent but better get most of it from the always open farmers’ markets normally located downtown. Ask a Bulgarian friend to help you since most of the times farmers are older people who of course are unlikely to speak English but again they surely would find someone to help. Look at their eyes. You won’t find such genuine souls elsewhere. You may not notice poverty in the cities and towns. People look fancy just like in the west but away in the flats and houses of villages many elders survive on bread and yogurt especially when not having relatives to help. The sad truth is elders need to work hard until die because pensions are very low. Please give them a tip and try to talk to them if someone can translate. They often sell flowers, apples, or herbs on the corners of streets. If you see one buy something for 1 lev (50 euro cent) and show them that humanity still exists…. Now I am crying…

Okay, let’s get back to the reason to write this. You will be welcomed in Bulgaria and NWO is unlikely to work there. We like foreigners because more or less we are made of such. We are a mix of the local slavs and thracian tribes, North Asians and whoever crossed the land but stayed. If you like mountains Bulgaria is the place for you – 39 or about 100 if counting the small ones. Hot springs and mineral water are everywhere. You can get mineral water for free right in the downtown of the capital Sofia. Nearby you will see something you won’t see often – an orthodox Christian Church, a mosque, a Catholic cathedral, and a synagogue or so called the Square of Religious Tolerance. That’s not all, since you can see some ruins from the Roman empire time right there too. If you like beaches – Black sea is just an hour away by airplane. Water is warm and not so salty – about 18 ‰ (about half of the ocean saltines). Greed destroyed lots of the natural beaches but you can still find some nice free of crowd spots – look for Veleka estuary (you are welcome).

Bulgaria is small but diverse. We are peaceful people who trust traditions, family, and have common sense but are open to the new. We suffered a lot which made us quite stubborn. Our history is mostly tragic but we never give up….

Cheers and Welcome – Наздраве и Добре Дошли!

The Balkan Mountains. Photo the author.
Sofia. Photo the author.
Asenevtsi Monument in old capital Veliko Tarnovo. Photo the author.