For many people the terms sequence and sequencing were unknown until 2020. Since then because of the sequence which supposedly kills everyone people became experts in molecular biology so in sequences.

So what is sequencing?

It is a technique thanks to which we can find the exact order of the life-building blocs (letters) called nucleotides - it is kind of alphabet of life. It can help us a lot to understand how life works but we are still at the beginning of decoding it so should wait a few decades.

To sequence a sample it should be isolated first. When relatively easy with human, plant or animal samples, it isn’t the case when it is a tiny particle like a virus. The problem here is that viruses can exist only in hosts and often instead the virus we have the sequence of the host. It happens more frequently than you think. The sample is treated with a solution which helps to detect the nucleotides and put in a machine called a sequencer. It is kind of a computer with an attachment for the samples.

You probably think that the whole sequencing of something happens at once but that is not possible. It is done in small parts which are later put together (aligned) by software.

Of course it is a very simplified explanation, but I think is enough to get an idea. Check the reference section if you want to know more.

What is important to pay attention!

-> Reading the genomes of organisms like SARS-CoV-2 which are made of RNA requires another step before the sequencing which converts RNA to DNA since we can’t sequence RNA directly. It may lead to errors. Extra steps always mean this.

-> The process of sequencing is prone to random errors, which can come from the sample handling (it must be done in a sterile environment) or by the software. It means having nucleotides which aren’t from the sample of interest. Often due to not good labeling some of the nucleotides could be missed. It is fixed by the investigator who can put the nucleotides (letters) which he or she thinks should be there. That again may led to showing sequence which has nothing to do with the reality.

-> The acceleration of sequence techniques unfortunately leads to more errors. To avoid it all samples should be sequenced at least 3 times but that isn’t a common practice.

-> So when you hear a news about a new variant of a virus, keep in mind that could be just an error. I am sure this happened more than once with the recent SARS-CoV-2 variants scares since governments rarely do sequencing of the samples to verify the existence of the change. Remember it must be done at least 3 times! Common PCR tests cannot do it! Also there is no way to determine if that change can influence any change in the virus action. I have written about it already. Check the references.

Scientific method is the only way to prove if something exists or not. One of the bases is to avoid random errors by making multiple measurements of the same samples. We need clear evidence proven by the science! If the scientific method isn’t followed we have a science-fiction. I can assure you that since 2020 your life is based on it – yes your life is a horror science-fiction. You can change it by educating yourself. Plenty of sources in this blog. After you get the knowledge challenge the people who think you are just an unimportant character in a bad story. Show evidence that you are more than it!

Knowledge is a power!

Questioning means being human!

References or extra read for interested to know more below.

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