Updated on may 27, 2022.

In 2021 GenuineProspect went from a place where I share my knowledge about COVID-19 and world affairs to the “bible” of all people who want to know what’s really going on. Being read by a quarter of a million people without any advertising and while the author being censored on social media means that people find it from other people. Means that my work is useful. I am often contacted for advice as the last resource to solve people’s problems.

Writing here didn’t earn me money but gave me ideas as my chats with you. Please reach me on telegram (genuineprospect Chat) where I can easily answer your questions. You can reach me via my HumansNetwork twitter account https://twitter.com/NetworkHumans too since both old twitter accounts were suspended.

You also have to know that there is no one behind me. While I collaborate with some other scientists and citizens who think, I am not part of any organization nor support any political movement. For me the political system is rotten and must change. I wrote about it more than once. I prefer to write than talk so that’s why you won’t see me making videos. I know that it is part of the communication and will try to make at least some videos with my gorgeous cat who is busy so have to find a spot in his schedule.

I was asked to do a podcast . I don’t want to be just another nose but to bring something extra. It is a lot of extra work and will try best to do it too. Many people like just to listen while in a car. People say that my voice is calming. Maybe will just read my most interesting blog posts. I am not a fan of publicity, so don’t expect to see me in any media. It doesn’t matter if it’s mainstream or not. There aren’t any journalists who know how to ask questions. I live in Germany, which is practically an NS state so it’s for my own safety as well. There are camera everywhere and I know that may have an unexpected visit by authorities if I am recognized.

The work for GenuineProspect and chats on social media helped me clarify what should be next.

<>My main focus will on bringing back the trust in science. That’s why I will create Genuine Science – a website with an online magazine for popular science written by real scientists. There will be a part for publishing scientific research which couldn’t be published elsewhere since it is against the narrative. The quality will be assured by real scientists. Mainstream science journals don’t do real peer-review anymore: studies are published on base who is publishing not if the study is good. Check the PCR test to study for example. I will need your help to fund it, which means a website hosting and paying the scientists who will contribute. Until now science news wasn’t delivered by scientists with a PhD that’s why you didn’t have real science news but paid advertisements. Genuine Science will make it happen and help scientists to show their work but can’t be done without your help.

<> GenuineProspect will continue to keep you updated about what’s going on but since it is censored on social media, I started writing on Substack and Patreon. Please subscribe.

<> I will focus as well on what we should do when all falls apart like looking for a remedy for the inoculated. I already work on it despite the limited data about what’s in the product. Most inoculated don’t deserve to be helped but some were coerced, and there are kids.

2022 will be a difficult year of lots of pain and work. There are plenty of good people who know that all this is a hoax. We should unite, try to warn the undecided and make them see what’s going on.



Very young me student in the yard of the Faculty of Biology, Sofia University.
I love that photo and that place.