Twitter used to be the easier to check the “what’s going on” alternative of Facebook. It gained lots of customers because of it but turned to a woke Stasi network where people can share things only approved by the new abnormal Elite which means no biology and genuine science, and nothing which is against their inhuman twisted views.

It didn’t start with the COVID-19 but long before it. Woke is a movement making people an amorphous mass which doesn’t have its own view of life and does what is told like a cattle. Easy to control and use.

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”
~ George Washington

You want to check if I am right? Just ask a millennial simple yes or no question.

Gender ideology according to which people with penises are women is when twitter showed what it is actually.

Remember the outrage against J.K. Rowling who stated that biology is real.

Twitter couldn’t cancel such a powerful public figure but removed people’s likes and retweets, and let trans activists abuse her to a level which could be only called criminal. None of these abusive tweets were removed nor the accounts most of which post child pornography as well. Yes, this is another thing for the new abnormal – child abuse is fine for them. It was taken of course by the mass media which openly called her and everyone who is on the side of science – terf. Do an online search with it: “J.K. Rowling terf tweet” to see the level of woke propaganda by the media which works for a long time to brainwash and remove any sign of critical thinking from the public’s brains. While, what could twitter do to J.K. Rowling is only manipulating likes and retweets, twitter canceled everyone else’s attempt to stand against that woke nonsense. I was locked by twitter for stating that biologically transwomen aren’t women. They are called trans for a reason and they are simply not women. Look at any of them. How many women look like it? We can’t call white, black, can we?!  2+2=4.

It how it started but the turning point was when the president of the United States – Donald Trump was permanently suspended. Like him, or hate him but he never indicted violence. Check some woke accounts which are still on twitter but I am warning you you could be disgusted. Again anti-women woke who send threats to the people who trust science are still on twitter.

After Trump’s removal twitter CEOs saw that they can do anything and remove everyone. Of course the fake pandemic was the best thing that could happen to the new abnormal  psychopaths. What better than isolating people in their tiny homes, brainwashing them with the invisible plague, never showing real numbers of dead, making fake videos of full hospitals, making them afraid of their family and friends, lying about everything…. People who would go out and meet other people were canceled and called names. No other news than fearmongering. We had the same during communism. Read it in my free book “What Happened” if you have no idea. Yet social media was still a way to spread the real news that all is a hoax, nobody is collapsing on the streets, hospitals are empty and nurses even have time to make these creepy dancing videos (would they have time if was real pandemic?) and science is more than clear that there is nothing to worry about.

That of course was against the woke idiots narrative and the people who would post it were getting canceled one by one. I have to note that LinkedIn which is owned by Microsoft did it first and suspended me in August, 2020 but twitter wasn’t far behind (I don’t use Facebook much). I got a lock for a week, a few 24 hours locks and of course permanent suspension since my following of over 20 000 real people was way too dangerous. Tweets can be shown in search engines and mine were about the science of COVID and exposing the politicians and elites earning money from it.  By the end of 2021  most of the anti-new abnormal accounts were removed from twitter.

When I finally got on GETTR which for now is the free social network was like meeting old friends. Everyone is   “Hey I missed you. Nice to meet you again”. Yes most of us are on GETTR. Is this a better social network? Time will tell but we can communicate and help each other again. We also can still influence the public opinion. Social media simply cannot control what people would share. Facebook tried and got mass account deleting. Same is happening with twitter.

I also want to remind the twitter “big” boys that you are offering a service, we pay with our data. You deny us the service but still use our data then we can sue you for it and get the money you earned from us. Remember I had over 20 000 followers and it means lots of money from me. Also your rules may apply only for your employees not your customers. Your rules are simply nothing for us. Your mass suspension of none-woke anti-new abnormal accounts will lead to only one thing: removing twitter from the social media market. It is already happening: twitter stock price went down sharply. If removing the most powerful active twitter accounts is the way of new twitter CEO Parag Agrawal to gain more consumers he is deeply wrong. The thing is, an amorphous group of idiots without an opinion can only make the social network a history because there is no social networking in a group which cannot share an opinion nor knows how to network.

I am still in dispute about getting back my both twitter accounts. If I don’t succeed, I will sue twitter for the money earned from me and my information which isn’t theirs so I should be able to download it. Meanwhile join me on GETTR and let’s get the new abnormal canceled for good.

Support my work with sharing and donation. I am one of the fewer genuine scientists against the new abnormal and work hard to get your normal life back. 




Twitter lunacy has no end.

JK Rowling received death threat on twitter but guess what that is fine.