Everyone heard how one of the biggest tennis starts Novak Djokovic was removed from Australia like the worst criminal. Not everyone knows that there were no legitimate reason for it and that had nothing to do with health. Novak Djokovic simply didn’t want to be injected with an experimental medical product which makes his fellow athletes sick or even dead. Novak Djokovic also didn’t hide it. He is called anti-vax but what he doesn’t want isn’t even a vaccine but rater gene therapy never ever tested on humans which is changing cell homeostasis. Australia simply showed what actually is – a totalitarian corporate neo-fascists country where people have to do what are told by the government, freedom of thinking and talking, and bodily autonomy do not exist!

“Our key concern was not whether Mr Djokovic was able to play tennis this week. Our concern is the Federal Government’s view that it did not have to prove that Mr Djokovic would foster views about vaccination that are contrary to the government, but simply that he may foster those sentiments,” said Mr Greg Barns SC, spokesperson for the ALA.

Djokovic case sets dangerous precedent – Australian Lawyers Alliance

Here is part of the Australian Government statement which shows again that the accusations are noting but witch-hunt by totalitarian regime.

Below I translated statement from the Bulgarian professional tennis player Sesil Karatancheva about what she thinks about it. She is familiar with the whole tennis system. It isn’t only about Jokovic but Renata Voracova who was also deported for no legitimate reason and some dirty secrets which show that rules aren’t the same for everyone.

The two-facedness of the world and of tennis by Sesil Karatancheva

“In 2005 I had the great pleasure to qualify for the first time to play in the Australian Open. А 15 years old kid. I have not missed a participation in Australia from 2008 to 2019, except for the two years when I was punished for doping, 2019 was my last participation in Melbourne. 2019 was my last time in Melbourne. It was also the last normal year for tennis and normal functioning of the world.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I have lived my whole life by this philosophy, good – bad, wrong – right, it doesn’t matter, it’s yours. Freedom of speech and freedom of action in general, as long as they are not detrimental to others. You are not free to kill even if you want to.
2020 has confused the word and the action called -freedom a bit, but nevertheless for me freedom of speech is untouchable territory. I read with great interest all kinds of statements, on all kinds of topics.

I’ve stepped foot on Australian soil for 12 years and played in the Australian Open. I don’t want to convince anyone of anything, just using my personal opinion on the subject.

1st. We players never apply for visas, as it is for everyone else. Because our visas can’t be tourist as we get prize funds (money). Often they can’t be work visas either, because we have no employment contracts and one employer. This makes the visa case with us quite specific. For this reason each tournament is in direct contact with their immigration authorities and foreign ministry.

2nd. When it comes to Grand Slams there is an entire department per slam that is assigned to be solely responsible for helping and organizing invitations and paperwork for the athletes and their teams. There is such a department for transport, accommodation etc. For Australia the process is relatively long and for this we always received an email notice, at least a month in advance, advising us to start filling in the visa forms , as there are many athletes and everyone has a team and there can be delays in processing the paperwork by immigration.
Each athlete and his team member receives a personal invitation with his name and passport number. They also receive a information kit needed to complete the visa paperwork.
The visa is specific, as I mentioned above, we are not on a work contract to be on a work visa, nor are we tourists because we receive a prize fund. The visa is also tailored to the tax that is then deducted. This whole process is synchronized down to the smallest detail between Tennis Australia and Immigration Australia. Australia has some of the strictest country entry requirements.

3rd. When we complete the application process and receive our visas, the day of departure arrives. For Australia and the US right at check in and almost before every flight, on the way there, they want you to present your visa and have them look at it. In 12 years I don’t know of a player who has qualified for the Australia Open, gone through the whole application, approval , visa process and not been allowed to enter the country.

4th. Tournament director Craig Tiley is a to me the best tournament director. The Australian Open, not coincidentally , is voted every year by the players , as the best Grand Slam out of all 4. The organization of everything -outstanding, the transport for over 500 players, plus their teams – outstanding, the accommodation, food, and the financial part are all outstanding. Maybe everybody thinks that all the slams are like that, but they are not. The Australia Open is the most outstanding event out there, and the state machinery, sponsors and hundreds of volunteers are involved in making this event a success. Everything is organized like a Swiss watch – perfectly.

5th. Each Grand Slam has the status of an international tournament. It is not a domestic tournament, nor is it on the ATP or WTA circuit. By the rules if you have a ranking that qualifies you for the main circuit then you are automatically entered. You must be guaranteed entry to the tournament, as must each of the players.
So far, all tournaments are played in what the players call a “bubble”. Players are not allowed to go outside the hotel and tennis complex. They are also not allowed to hang out on the courts. You are allowed to practice, recover, eat and return to your hotel immediately. Tests are done non stop to ensure a sterile environment. All the 2021 tournaments were held this way and there were no problems. Before there was a pandemic, at tournaments in countries like Qatar, there was also a “bubble”. In the women’s club we played in vests and skirts. If we walked the streets like that, we would be getting arrested. A country’s policy was never enforced in the tournament.

6th. Seventeen years ago, when I was 15 , I had an agent from a big management agency. This agent took a percentage of my prize money and advertising contracts. The tennis agents job is to book your tournaments, book your flights , organize everything about your travel , firing-hiring coaches , therapists, massage therapists and filling out all kinds of paperwork. Your job as a player is to be healthy and in the best shape. To think and live only for the tennis ball.
Players like Novak , Roger and Rafael don’t fill anything. Their agents are also several, because the job they have with such caliber of athletes cannot be taken over by one person. These are contracts for millions, prize money for millions and these are players who are worth millions.

7th. Renata Vorachova is a veteran tennis player. I was a junior when she was already playing professionally. This woman was deported as a criminal and after one played tournament already in Australia and after the Djokovic case. When it became clear, that she and several other players, just like Novak, had a medical exemption and were in the country without a problem and competing already, the authorities decided to review these applications and visas. For now only the Czech veteran, has been deported. There is no information about the other athletes yet. Renata will be banned from entering Australia for the next 3 years. A top 100 competitor, played there countless times, is extradited, will not be able to defend her points , which will reflect on her ranking and therefore on her career.
The word discrimination has been thrown around in public lately for all sorts of things, but this is discrimination in its truest form. There can be no opinions and no points of view here anymore, there are brutal facts here. This is discrimination in its highest form. Renata has already filed a lawsuit , which she will probably win as all her rights have been brutally violated.

8th. Everyone talks about the medical exceptions for the Covid vaccine, but no one talks about the medical exceptions for use of banned substances.
A few years ago when Russian hackers hit the WADA (world anti-doping agency) files , it became clear that quite a few famous top athletes had a medical exemption and therefore permission to use banned drugs. They all have medical conditions that require them to drink things, and some of them are prescribed to cancer patients. Against the odds of these medications steroids are weak, to say the least. Strange , but no one asks about these medical exceptions.

With this information I just wanted to give a little more accurate idea of what is going on “in the kitchen”. Everyone is still free to think and say whatever they want , of course.
Who is a fan of whom should not matter for a person to be objective. I for one am a die hard Roger fan and how else since we were born on the same date, but there is no way to say black is white. The statements of one other giant on the Djokovic case, were also strange considering he also knows very well exactly these things , which I have listed above. Not to mention that his name was also on that list of medical exceptions.

To recap, in 17 years of a professional career and 12 years of going to Australia , I don’t know and have never heard of a player having a problem getting into Australia after being granted a visa. The tennis world is small and generally everything is known inside. I have not heard of a professional tennis player being refused entry to a country after being issued a visa. There have been fines given to female colleagues of mine who had a banana or snack in their bag on entry to Australia. Yes they are extreme pedants on the subject of security. This is why comments like Novak just got a visa and went to Australia, or even like he faked his covid test are bizarre to me.

There are laws in Australia, that’s how it is. That is why there are committees that review all documents without the names of the players so that there is no unconscious influence and favoritism on the part of those reviewing the documentation.
Politics has always, absolutely always, been involved in big sport. Sport at such a high level cannot help but be tied up with politics. Great athletes have a huge influence on thousands, millions, of people. It is more likely to know an athlete from certain country rather than its prime minister.
In a time when freedom of speech is becoming limited , supposedly social media gives complete freedom, but censorship is greater than ever to think this is just sport and has nothing to do with politics is a naïve thing to say the least.

Djokovic has a huge influence and right now it is an absolute and pure form of suppression .
It doesn’t matter who is a fan and who is not. He is a great athlete and a great person. For an athlete of Joko’s rank, brutal discipline, preparation and dedication are required. Even more than the other two giants because he comes from the country of Serbia. And we all know what they went through.

Because to change over 10 time zones, to reach and have to be in physical and mental shape against another player who also has his strengths and weaknesses is extremely challenging. It’s not like sitting in an office and doing your project in peace and in the breaks drinking a coffee and clicking on the phone. Individual sport, especially tennis with its tournaments all over the world, is a brutally difficult sport.
Be fans but respect the work and the people who put in the work. It’s fun and enjoyment for you but a way of life for the professional tennis player.

In this situation Novak Djokovic is used for correction. Why this is everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to ask themselves such a question or not.
After all, if in a country like Germany there are already fake certificates that are quite real and are in the system, but they are just issued without a real vaccine, then in Serbia he could get 100 of them. He did not. He went by the rules and did not betray his integrity.

And realistically none of us know how many of the other tennis players’ certificates are real.
Now after this purely political last minute decision to ban him from participating after the draw was made and deliberately delayed so there was no time to react, there is no doubt that whoever is entitled to a medical exemption not to vaccinate in the future will not risk it and will directly take a fake certificate.
The saddest thing is that with such apparent aggression towards an athlete oozes propaganda and doctrine rather than science.
The world is based on illusions.”

As Sesil states you can decide by yourself. Maybe Djokovic isn’t a hero. Maybe is just a circus for the masses, but we can learn from it and it again shows that COVID-19 pandemic and measures aren’t about health but control.

Kangaroo was asked - How did you live before Djokovic came? - Oooh, it was bad, confined to the house, not allowed to go out, not allowed to socialize, not allowed to protest! - And how do you live after Djokovic's deportation? - Again poorly, but now with a sense of gratitude!

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