Monkeypox is the new covid. It’s so obvious. The virus that causes it is closely related smallpox or variola. Symptoms are unpleasant but not fatal: a headache, muscle pain, fever, swollen lymph nodes, tiredness, and a rash that resembles little vesicles. People who were born before 1980 are immune since after it was supposedly eliminated. There is a possibility of cross-immunity with other similar viruses, so there is no need to be concerned nor there is a need of vaccine.

The causative agents of monkeypox and smallpox diseases both are species of Orthopoxvirus. Orthopoxvirus monkeypox, when it infects humans as an epizootic, produces a similar clinical picture to that of ordinary human smallpox.

Where did it come from, and does it really exist?

There are multiple scenarios.

->Because variola/smallpox symptoms are similar, it could have been dormant and “reactivated” by experimental medical treatment .

Smallpox might also lie dormant in mummies and corpses of people who died from the disease.

-> The experimental medical product has already been linked to incidences of shingles and pemphigoid (both of which cause the same symptoms).

More young people with shingles!

Leutgeb and his colleagues usually count around 30 to 40 cases per year. But in 2021 there are suddenly 49. “The symptoms often appeared two to eight weeks after the corona vaccination,” says the doctor, and what made him particularly suspicious: “Suddenly we no longer only saw older and sick people, but also younger people between the ages of 30 and 60 with the most severe forms of shingles in our practice.» Coincidence, or could the virus have been reactivated by the vaccination? Rüdiger Leutgeb asks around among his colleagues. He hears similar stories everywhere. So he writes his observations to the German supervisory authority, the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI). But he never gets an answer.

->It could have been deliberately spread


Perhaps this is a leak from the American biolabs in Ukraine left with little support during the conflict. It was transmitted by Ukraine refugees who swarmed Europe?!

->Because the symptoms are similar to a typical cold without the rash, it is possible that it was misdiagnosed.

I’m still looking into how the cases were proven (*if you have any information on it, please contact me at ). Why? Because, like with SARS-CoV-2, PCR and antibody testing prove nothing. PCR shows some DNA strands, and antibody tests can cross-react with similar virus antibodies, which most of us already have. Cell cultures cannot be used as evidence since they demonstrate that something is destroying the cells but not what it is. For me it’s just another example of how easily people can be led to believe they have a sickness and how easy health organizations can manipulate and impose measures. Many countries already recommend 21 days of isolation for people who test positive – yes, test positive, not sick! It is even for the people who were in contact. Healthy individuals are being locked up yet again!

The “cure” is the chicken pox vaccine, which is toxic, according to God Dr. Fauci.

When there were only very few cases, Pfizer developed and the FDA approved a medication.

Why are outbreaks occurring now? Didn’t we suffer enough as a result of the measures? This is simply insane! Health officials and WHO can not be get away with this again! It’s all about them seizing power sooner. They will try the same scheme as with covid. Nobody can imprison us again! Pass it on!

Professor Stefan Homburg observed an odd coincidence.

Corona and monkeypox: The first German patient shows up in the same clinic. And apart from Central Africa, the global distribution is also very similar.

Another coincidence I guess?!

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