Universal Basic Income

Universal income is a socialist utopia, but why do you think the Elites want it so badly? What do they expect to gain? Someone has to work, and until we have robots, how can a few sustain billions? There is no such thing as a free lunch, and this is a basic natural law. Billions will be reduced to millions or fewer in the near future.

Elites have already told you that they see you as a waste.

People on universal income will not own anything, which sounds fine, but will have considerably less options for everything. They would eat bugs if they had to. If they are told to use their purified pee as water they should do it. If they become unwell, they will be treated according the masters’ judgment.

And what better way to have a large number of excellent organ donors on hand than to own billions of them? The elites will have easy access to all health data.

If someone from the Elites needs a new organ, it would be so simple to identify a fresh, healthy, acceptable donor and get it. Not ethical? Who said it would be? Remember, if something is offered for free, you are the product! At the very least, the donors will be ethically euthanized. We were informed what would happen. Elites prefer to see if we’ll get it. For them, it’s all a game. Just watch the film “The Island”.

We can still stop them. Here are some suggestions: https://angelovalidiya.substack.com/p/you-know-whats-going-on-so-make-the?s=w

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One thought on “Universal Basic Income

  1. Universal basic income won’t work.

    With money you can buy something of value. Not because is has value, but because people consider it to have value.


    The most important reason why people consider something to have value is because there’s not enough of it to fulfill the needs of all people.

    The air that we breath or the water of the oceans? Doesn’t that have value? Of course it does, but it’s still for free, because there is enough.

    So, only the things of which there is not enough cost money.

    Now it starts to become clear that giving money out if nothing to people so they can buy things of which there is not enough in this world won’t work.
    Simply,0 “there won’t be enough of it”…

    The basic rule of life is that you have to create something useful to receive something useful. As long as that’s in balance things work. To think you can get it for free, will disappoint you.

    You can call it what you want: Basic income, communism or another fancy term, but it won’t work.


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