Another half-year is almost over. While I no longer have my big Twitter following (Elon Musk isn’t bringing any of us back), my blog continues to thrive. This is the power of human connection. It sparked the idea for my most recent project, Humans Network. It is a platform in which we can explore how to shape our future based on our own needs rather than those of the out-of-touch elite. I’m also presenting the stories of people who think that the world after 2020 is heading in the wrong direction; these stories spark new connections and memories. There are also quotes, artwork, and helpful tips. Anything that connects people. Take a look.

If you want your story to appear on Humans Network, send it to . Writing down your own story allows you to reflect on your feelings and thoughts. I’m excited to read it and share it with the rest of the world.

I was eager to launch the Genuine Science Website by now. However, since the goal is to publish the work of genuine scientists, create a monthly magazine, and pay personnel to work on the project, it will take longer. I should register it as a business, but it involves financing and a lot of paperwork. I’m hesitant to start fundraising because similar anti-narrative projects have been canceled in the past. If anyone has an idea for a platform that will not steal your money if they decide they don’t like my proposal, I’d love to give it a shot. In that case please contact via .

Keep in mind that I do almost everything myself because I cannot afford to pay for assistance and do not want to exploit people. I am also a mother of a little child. My husband works to support our expenses, but the German government takes almost half of our income in taxes, and prices continue to rise.I am sometimes so exhausted that I consider quitting. It’s work with no time off. There aren’t many good people with my knowledge and experience, therefore I must persist. I am familiar with viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, biology, clinical research, and environmental biotechnology. I’ve lived in several countries and know people from various cultures. I was always able to connect with the people I met. Being anti-narrative is nothing new to me. My family was robbed by communists, but unlike the rest, we fought and won.

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So subscribe, follow, and connect. Please feel free to share and print my work. The link below provides some suggestions for what else to do, but I’m sure you can think of more.

The elites are well aware that most of us know what is going on. They’re terrified, but we’re not. We will take them down. We are smarter, we are genuine, we are kind humans and we are more than them! Nothing can stop us from reclaiming humanity!