For most people, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to a harmless program that assists us with our daily chores. That was the initial concept (or at least I hope so). Over latest years, AIs have been utilized for increasingly more complex tasks, even replacing people. Everyone has had a conversation with a chatbot. All social media platforms are nearly human-free. Reaching out for human service assistance is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more businesses rely on it. It makes sense economically because it is less expensive but lowers service quality. AI is incapable of making complex decisions or solving complicated issues. However, AIs are used for it. We would assume that these judgments are monitored and justified by humans, but even that is uncommon nowadays.

When I first arrived to Germany, I attempted to purchase a smartphone and a SIM card but was denied. The reason was that AI examined my German bank account and found no transactions (I just opened it), making me an untrustworthy customer. I objected and reached out to human customer support, explaining that I had recently relocated there. The response was that it didn’t matter. I’m still untrustworthy, and won’t get the phone. There are two major concerns in this case. The person I spoke to could see that there was no reason to suspect me of being unreliable given that I had only recently relocated to the country, but she nevertheless chose to go along with the AI’s judgment, which was again made by a simple program. Also, AIs may directly access our bank account information. It also implies that those in charge of AI can do so.

Making us reliant on AI is dangerous, but not just because some people might be able to manipulate us. It is dangerous because it eliminates the human component from all services. No AI can match the adaptability of the human brain. Services cannot be dehumanized since doing so would make them useless. AIs are also being used to forecast current pandemics. The problem is that these programs were not designed for this use. It is due to the fact that it is simply impossible. Infectious pathogen transmission is far too complex to be analyzed solely by computers, yet it is. AIs and the people behind them have ruled all parts of life since 2020; even experimental medicinal goods are created by AI using artificial sequences.

AIs have been handling a substantial portion of medical care lately. They decide whether you will live or die. AIs determine what is good for your health. Again we are talking about simple programs with a lack of human brain adaptability and compassion. There are already commercials for robotic nurses.

Giving AI too much power must be addressed and analyzed, because AI dependence is already dangerously high. We are all humans, and only humans understand the needs of other humans.

Some further thoughts.

Governments are using AI’s dehumanizing power to establish complete control over us!

Every second of our life is monitored by smart watches and smartphones, which transmit personal data to whoever pays the most. We have been examined so that we can be easily managed and gave up our liberty without even realizing it.

While it is not fully implemented in most nations, it is already in use in China and has a name social credit system. It is based on a set of regulations established by the government that, if not followed, result in punishment. It used to be simple set of rules, but it now encompasses everything you say, everything you publish on the internet, everything you do, your fascial expression, your daily activities, and every element of your existence! You are okay if you follow the government’s rules, no matter how absurd they are. Breaking any of these rules means no money, no food, and no freedom – you are a prisoner. The right to free expression is prohibited. It’s similar to the well-known novel “1984”, but with more sophisticated tools.

Human beings will rely on Artificial Intelligence to make more and more decisions for them. ❗️The power will shift from human beings to algorithms and that is already happening. ❗️For example, billions of people around the world today rely on Facebook’s algorithm to tell them what’s new, Google’s algorithm to tell them what’s true and what’s not, Netflix to tell them what to watch, Amazon and Alibaba’s algorithms to tell them what to buy. In the not too distant future, similar algorithms will tell us where to work, who to marry, decide whether to hire us, whether to give us a loan, whether the Central Bank should raise interest rates. And when you ask – why didn’t you give me a loan or why didn’t they raise interest rates, the answer will always be the same: because the computer said “no”
And because the limited human brain lacks sufficient biological knowledge, computing power and data, human beings will simply not be able to understand the decisions of computers. So even in countries that consider themselves free, people are likely to lose control over their own lives and the ability to understand public policy. “

Now do you understand how easy it is for them to manipulate you, to organize pLandemies, to imprison you, to make you sick, to ruin your life! By controlling your minds, they have complete power over your lives. THE ONLY SALVATION IS TO WAKE UP, DISOBEY AND FIGHT AGAINST THIS DESTRUCTION OF THE HUMAN RACE!!

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