COVID-19 showed that media and governments can twist the truth and even made-up words so can push their agenda. Unfortunately people are buying and even so called “COVID-19 freethinkers” are using those words with which they actually help the narrative of promoting an endless pandemic leading to removing our basic human rights.

There are countries which are already banning travelers who aren’t vaccinated for COVID-19. This by itself should be a big red flag.

For the people who don’t understand why (I can’t believe that such exist). Here is a brief explanation:

All COVID-19 vaccines are experimental. Normally a new treatment needs at least 10 or even more years of testing on animals and later on humans (clinical research). It isn’t done with the COVID-19 vaccines which aren’t even vaccines actually since they don’t real pathogen or part of it. These treatments make the body produce a viral protein. Data about what happens to the recipients of the treatment is worrying. It shows that COVID-19 “vaccines” don’t stop the spread of the virus. What is worst – harm young and healthy who are the most protected from respiratory diseases.

So let’s go back to the words and the phrases which you shouldn’t use.

> Starting with my “favorite”: VARIANT Why? Find out here

> Next. Using CASE for POSITIVE TEST. What is promoted as a “case” is just an “unreliable positive test”

> Difficult to tell which is the biggest but next is one of the most harmful: ASYMTOMATIC SPREAD. Makes people believe that are plague spreading vermin and being a human is bad. The truth is: IF YOU ARE HEALTHY, YOU AREN’T SICK NOR CAN SPREAD COVID!

> Next is also quite bad too: Immunity is possible only by vaccination! This is the new low idiocy propaganda by the World Health Organization which should change its name. How did we survive without it until 2020? NATURAL IMMUNITY WORKS!

> This one is a pure crime by the governments which count as the same “COVID-19 death with positive test” and “COVID-19 death caused by the virus“. Of course it isn’t the same and first should not be in the COVID-19 death statistics.

Being an idiot is a choice. I am giving you a chance not to be one.

Words matter! Also what matters is that due to the fact that I am trying to help get rid of the tech-pharma enslavement which is knocking on your door (okay in some countries is already in), I cannot work in my field. Nobody wants a scientist who is interested in true science nowadays (sad and terrifying I know). I spent most of my time on social media or researching how to convince more people to disobey (that the only solution) and end it. So please be kind and donate so I can do more! Also read my book What Happened!