People often ask me if I have a book or if not, when I will write one. I wrote a book once, but it was because of a need to put my feelings in words. The book might be actually interesting for the people now, but I am not going to talk about it. This post is about my new book “What Happened. It is more like a long essay than a novel actually and is about my experience of the COVID-19 pandemic in Eastern and Western Europe. The idea came from people who told me that my view might be helpful to the westerns to really see what actually happened. The version you will see first isn’t the final one. When I read the manuscript again and again I am finding more things want to add so it may end up as a real novel.

While popular in the World Health Organization I am not a celebrity, and I can’t afford nor can find a real publisher. Online stores are connected to Amazon which I would never use. Amazon is exploiting everyone while killing the small businesses.

How would you get the book then?

I am offering you to just download from here. I trust that you will donate at least 1 € or 1 $ after it. This is the cost of having my book. At the end I will get 50 cents. If you have donated for the first version you could get the second for free. I am not going to check names and compare who paid and who didn’t. Of course if you don’t have money or can’t donate now, but want to read it feel free to do it. The file is PDF format and easy to read on a phone, tablet and laptop. The format isn’t suitable for printing as a book for now but I am working on making it available for easy reading and in case someone prefers it printed. The reason I rushed it a bit is that on Friday, July 9, 2021 is expected a major internet shutdown. I hope it isn’t going to be for a long but who knows. Please make sure the file is saved on your computer or phone, not on cloud service. I don’t think that my reading is some kind of good literature or must read. It is just a summary of what happened in 2020 by a person who sees the things differently. That’s it.

Have a nice reading!