“Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.”

~ Bruce Coville   

Media and governments are united in a global propaganda machine. Anything against their COVID-19 and woke narrative is censored. People must hear the whole truth and decide by themselves. Most of us do excellent job by informing the rest online but there are still people who don’t rely on the internet to gather information. Not everyone is on social media and telegram. If we want to reach those people, we should find a way to do it “offline”. It was done in the past by the white rose movement which used printed messages (leaflets) explaining the situation and giving information on how to change it. Most of us have printers. There are some ready for print leaflets or ideas for leaflets below.

Photo by Duanu00e9 Viljoen on Pexels.com


Excellent collection of leaflets in German: https://elternstehenauf.de/flyer/?fbclid=IwAR2s9jf5LtAWQq8UjZmxnVHHVVqy2_1cVth1jByISbw1P-fwmox3kkNgqfI

*If you speak a different language than English just translate. Use quotes from my blog if you want with links so people can check online after it. Speak with others interested and do the same. Spreading can be done by just placing the notes in mailboxes or leaving the notes in parks, shops, malls or churches. 

Desperate times need desperate actions! There is a big push for vaccinating children and making experimental medical treatment mandatory. 

*Update October 27. Unfortunately while unlawful mandatory vaccinations are fact as the experimental medical treatments for kids. Don’t give up! We can still stop it!

Read more on what was the original white rose movement.