I know that many people who are against the narrative often wonder how to make more people aware and how to end the nightmare. I think about it day and night and put a list of the things I found useful. All based on my experience as anti-narrative warrior.

-> Don’t waste your time with trolls on the social media. You can easily spot them by the fact that they use as source of information WHO or government websites, have only a few followers and no real name. Just block them.

-> Speak about how wrong is all of it even when knowing that people may you call you conspiracy theorist or anti-vaxxer but never use questionable sources. Keep up with science articles which can be easily verified. I have plenty of such in all COVID-19 topic in my blogs. Normally listed as below the article. Don’t waste your time if you encounter COVID-19 cultists. They are lost cause. If close relatives and family just avoid them.

-> Focus again on the ones who are not sure yet. Use the golden olden leaflets. Print and share. Read more about it here: https://genuineprospect.com/2021/07/06/white-rose-movement-is-needed-again/

-> Find local like-minded and organize meetings where you could discuss ways to make more people aware.

-> Send emails to your local health care authorities and ask PCR test to be discarded from use due the fact that even as CDC recently admitted that is unreliable.

-> Send letters (emails and via post) to politicians, celebrities and powerful figures with something similar to what I wrote here: https://genuineprospect.com/2021/07/13/send-this-to-every-politician-promoting-the-experimental-medical-treatment/ *Tag them on social media to drive attention.

-> If a business/employer requests tests or vaccines for customers or workers make rest of the people aware to avoid such. Hit where it hurts – money.

Again don’t forget that you are not alone!



*After WHO’s Mike Ryan ordered my LinkedIn account to get deleted I can’t work in my filed anymore as scientist or science writer. Mass media and Universities support the narrative since are paid by people who earn money from the pandemic based on unreliable data. I know that many of the good people aren’t well money wise since the measures affected mostly the regulars but if you can afford to donate even a bit I would be thankful and that will help me do more.