If you are a person who thinks that there is something wrong with the COVID-19 pandemic and especially the vaccine propaganda, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I know that you may think you are. Maybe everyone in your family is inoculated with the experimental medical treatment, and they avoid you because you aren’t.

Maybe your employer is pushing to get you vaccinated. Maybe you think that “Whatever I will get the vaccine doesn’t matter that if I don’t get the placebo will be probably dead this winter or severely sick soon!”

Please think again and look around. Many people are like you. Maybe even your friends and family members, but they are afraid to speak about it, because will be called anti-vaxxers or conspiracy theorists.

When alone with someone who maybe is like you share a news about that COVID-19 vaccines cause heart damage. Or that you still don’t consider vaccines, because the first clinical trials will end in 2023. Check the reaction. I am sure that in most cases will be positive.

Don’t be afraid if you end up in a conversation with hard cultists. They are lost. Facts can’t change their minds so don’t even bother. Just find the people on the good side. People who know that vaccines take many years of research before being tested on humans and who understand that COVID-19 pandemic is based on unreliable data.

Focus on these people and join all Facebook and telegram groups of thinkers in your area.

Get together. They are your new family and friends. They and you still can turn the tide. Go out and disobey. Spread information not only on social media but by leaflets. Most importantly – don’t ever consider getting the COVID-19 vaccine. If you need for work sue the employer and find another one. All COVID-19 vaccinated people have compromised immunity. Next cold season will be deadly for them. Once again – there are many of us. We can stop the whole thing by being strong and keeping up together!

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