If you haven’t heard it about it read here but you aren’t a plague spreading vermin. Yet, governments which we know work against us still force people in jails which are strangely called quarantine camps because just returned from abroad or someone they know tested positive. It is even stranger that people accepted it just like that. Why not the same with pathogens which instantly kill people but with a sequence? I use the word sequence because this is what we have data about. We don’t have any evidence if the sequence part of which is in our own genome does anything to us.

People think that they can’t do anything to stop the madness but that is not true. Government is paid by you. It is made by people who don’t have power over you but just perform service.


They cannot arrest you or sue you.

First they must show you are sick and tests aren’t evidence.

Second they must show you evidence that should be quarantined. There is none.

Science is on your side.

Watch this video of a person who did the same thing https://rumble.com/vn3mo9-no-quarantine-no-2000-10-day-hotel-prison-service-all-charges-dropped.html

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