We are living in times when the truth is censored because is against the narrative of making humankind depend on drugs and technology. As one of the fewest real experts I am of course censored a lot. My LinkedIn profile was deleted twice. My Facebook page has constant warnings that breaks Facebook policies which means everything which isn’t proved by the World Health Organization (what they do actually, read here) or fact checkers (what are they read here). I was locked on twitter. Of course I and the rest like me will fight until we win. There is a solution for every problem. There is a way to spread your message despite the censorship.

-> Avoid certain words that could be detected by the algorithms which constantly scan social media. If you have a blog don’t use these words in the blog as well. Google also censors the anti-narrative articles so will make your work even more difficult to find.
The most censored word is this (click on the link to avoid censoring this article). Use experimental medical treatment/s or experimental medicine instead. Don’t use the name of the only disease since 2020 as well. Write “the only disease since 2020” or similar – people know what you are talking about. Use your creativity!

-> If you are active on social media, be very careful because you are dangerous for the narrative. On the top of avoiding certain words make distraction posts with photos of cats and nature (good for people’s mood), articles for other areas of life – art, music, hobbies. In this case use hashtags to make these even more visible since algorithms will mark you as a cat or nature lover not anti-narrative influencer.

*Picture of my cat Sir Smokey Mc Fluff Fluffy Pants who makes
people happy and helps avoiding the algorithms

-> While online censorship is hard, nothing can stop old-fashioned prints which could be easily spread. Look for ideas in my blog post here. Use alternative channels like Telegram to find like minded people. It will end when more are of us are willing to resist. Doesn’t matter how hard they push, I am hopeful and think that humanity will win. Nature likes balance and what’s happening is against it. Trust yourself and the rest like you!

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