It was Delta, African, Indian, now Omicron variant. Words meaning nothing but having a huge influence on life on the planet Earth because is lead by power-thirsty morons. Unfortunately many people who are on the good side and supposedly against the narrative instead calling it out are fueling it. It makes the work of real scientists like me much more difficult.

Listen, you are disappointed by experts but I showed you that I am on your side. I am organizing more like me. We, the good scientists exist. I spent half of my life in the laboratory working with microorganisms including viruses. My last work as a researcher was at one of the best sequencing laboratories in the world. I know what I am talking about.

There is a postulate in biology that we can’t predict functional change by just sequencing a viral genome. Sequencing is time consuming and if the same sample isn’t re-tested at least 3 times the change could be just random error. After the change is detected, and confirmed, would take long time to see if affects function like virulence for example. We would need months if not years to find out if this change affects the function.

We heard about the Omicron variant on Thursday. Governments and World Health Organization were able to detect, see what can do and even write a plan about measures by Sunday. There is more we are having a new experimental medical product which will defeat it by Tuesday.

So we got a new sequence on Thursday, it was sequenced, checked, analyzed, new cases found by Sunday, and we got the new cure on Tuesday!

Read the last sentence again!
Think about it! Do you believe in Unicorns, because it is like it.

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