Bulgaria, once a large and powerful country, has shrunk to a small corner of Europe, continuously betrayed by whichever large country is in power. WEF installed as prime minister an immigrant raised in Canada and supposedly educated at Harvard, but behaving like the village idiot. Kiril Perkov is the most detested politician in Bulgarian history for a reason. He wants Bulgaria to become involved in the Ukraine war. A war created to divert attention away from the WEF-global WHO’s takeover. At least half of the Bulgarians live in poverty, the other half live abroad. The middle class is so tiny that it may be dismissed. While life is harsh in the West, it is brutal in Bulgaria. The government has no funds for the poor, the elderly, hospitals, or infrastructure, but they are willing to provide funds for the murder of innocent people. Influential politicians are involved in the underground weapon trade, as they are everywhere else, but the village idiot wants to make it legal. He now wants to make our country a target for Putin by supplying Ukraine with weapons. He is doing it, of course, because he was told to, but he overlooked something. We’ve seen it all, and we are pissed off, how badly we are pissed off! He will wish he had never been chosen as a puppet of the EU-WEF cartel.

Bulgarians are organizing a march for peace and neutrality today, May 3rd, and tomorrow, May 4th, 2022.

While I am one of the Bulgarians residing abroad, I totally support my fellow Bulgarians in their attempts to put an end to the craziness. We will not participate in the World Economic Forum’s games of human extermination. Yes, crooks, you’ll just get the middle finger from us. We are genuine humans with ties to the land and our families. It has kept us alive for centuries. We are taking westerners who are sick of the woke antihuman agenda. We will save humanity alongside the other resistant nations. You’re not going to win!

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