When I heard about that we are in COVID-19 pandemic the first thing which came to my mind was that the data is unreliable. It is because China never ever revealed what actually happened and how that sequence that they claim was isolated from people with unknown disease became a widespread virus. People get respiratory infections every year but for some reason in 2019 Chinese connected some of those infections to a virus. They never told us how actually happened nor did what I suggested in my previous article – exclude any other possibilities. Based on that Chinese flawed data was created the math model which predicted the pandemic will be deadly. We were locked temporarily but apparently not.

The truth is COVID-19 math model doesn’t have anything in common with reality. It is based on unreliable data!

Next came the tests. The PCR test still used as a “golden standard” to justify the pandemic was constructed basically in silico. Drosten and his coworkers used sequence from China to create the primers for the test. PCR test study was performed without a sample of a potential infected person. It has multiple flaws which were discussed before but one seems never got a spotlight – reproducibility. It means that the laboratories which perform the test must use the exact same reagents and perform the test in the exact the same way. The PCR test study wasn’t made with a real sample so when implemented on real samples the result may be differ. The technique which is used is not only complicated, and requires well trained personnel but also is very sensitive.

Tests must be performed in sterile conditions as the sampling. In reality none of it is done: different reagents, real samples, since the mass of the testing unqualified personnel, no sterile environment during taking the sample and after it.

There is something else which came to my mind while thinking about what else is not okay with the COVID-19 data. It was sitting in the back in my mind bugging me off until I got it – results from the tests aren’t repeatable. Labs don’t run the same samples at least 3 times to avoid random error. If 2 of the samples show same result it is valid. Running the sample only one time means that the result could be an error which due to the reasons mentioned above is quite likely. It is one of the most simple rules to clinical and experimental sciences.

Let me summarize: all COVID-19 test samples are run only once in different conditions so COVID-19 testing doesn’t have reproducibility and repeatability. The result is unreliable. There is no evidence if those samples are positive or negative!

This isn’t only an issue with the PCR tests but all tests. Every sample must be checked at least 3 times.

COVID-19 pandemic is based on unreliable predictions and tests. Due to it our basic human rights are restricted and we are pushed to have experimental medical treatments already killing and damaging the young and healthy. This is what is happening. If you read all my articles here will find out that I am right.

Extra read

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