Taxes are a form of enslavement. We pay governments to work for our interests but they actually don’t. The pandemic based on no evidence and followed experimental medical treatment push showed that the system is not just rotten, but parasites on us. Experimental medical treatment is an eye-opening example. We are told that government bought for us products which were never tested on humans before. There are several issues here:

-> We didn’t give permission these products to be bought with our money.

-> Getting these products is promoted as free but in fact is paid by us.

-> We don’t have access to the full list of ingredients of these products.

-> Safety and efficiency data come from the manufacturer – governments don’t perform independent research on these products.

-> If we dare to ask questions we are called names and canceled.

The situation with the tests is the same. None of the tests can tell if someone is sick and are often false positive. We pay for the tests with taxes but are told that are free.

Think about how many times governments have done the same in the past. How many policies work for corporations while harming us!

Why should we pay taxes then?

How many of the government officials work for our interests, not for the corporations?

Why we should pay them to damage and kill us?

Our money, our choice!

Nobody has right to tell us what to do with our money, what to do with our bodies and our lives!

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