Many healthcare workers are leaving the hospitals because don’t want to be injected with the experimental medical treatment. They still can use their skills and knowledge for good by creating Clean Blood Hospitals. The idea about Clean Blood Medical care came to me after I found out that contaminated blood is accepted for blood donation despite that is clearly a crime since we don’t know how much of the experimental medical products goes into the blood. That blood isn’t even tracked so the receivers could suffer from health problems years after receiving blood donation and wouldn’t even have an idea that it came from the contaminated blood.

How to create Clean Blood Hospitals?

Making a new medical facility of course is time consuming and needs lots of money. What could be done in this case is to look for private hospitals willing to do it. I am sure that such will be happy to participate since more and more people are aware of what’s happening. There is not only need of clean blood, blood products, plasma and organs but clean personnel because inoculated often suffer by adverse side effects, which could make them unable to work. Imagine if your surgeon suffers from a stroke just when you are on the operating room table. You don’t want it. Well, nobody does. While shedding isn’t proven, we have no idea if possible. In all cases better be safe than sorry.

Take your life in your hands, find health care workers like you and I am sure many people will be thankful for it.

I am already asked where clean can donate blood. Well, make clean blood banks and hospitals. Feel free to ask me questions.

Thanks for standing up for science and humans!

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Read more about blood donor contamination and experimental medical treatments below.


I am glad that in some places such clinics are already in work. This is the way people. Maybe even creating clean societies. I and I am sure you too don’t want to be near sick mean, people. Here is the news about the new clean blood clinic: